“Pillinger Point” in the spotlight

Opportunity is really taking a good long look at the rocks of, and around, “Pillinger Point”, the Stegosaur back-like rocky ridge she has driven up to way up on Solander Point. And no wonder. The features and structures here must have the MER team geologists slavering like hunger-crazed, brain-starved zombies! Over the past few days I’ve been making one panorama of the area after another, trying to make one definitive image to show to you here, but they all show something different and all have their own value, so I’m just going to put a whole load of them up in this post now and you can wander around them as you see fit, ok? 🙂









As I said, a fascinating place…! I know what you’re thinking – “Shame they’re just black and white!” – but hey, I’d rather show this incredible place in pure and uncorrupted black and white than turn it into a godawful wishy-washy sepia/yellow/green monstrosity by “colourising” it, like the images being produced for and used on some websites. And anyway, I happen to know that several of the image processing wizards on the Unmannedspaceflight.com forum are working on colour panoramas of this fantastic place, and they’ve already given me permission to use them when they’re finished, so keep checking back for those, ok?

In the meantime, I hope some of you will take a moment to go over to my astropoetry blog and read my latest poem, this one inspired by this very place, “Pillinger Point”…

“Pillinger Point”

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