Another Island…

More images have come back from the rim of Endeavour crater, showing the mysterious “jumping rock” Pinnacle Island and its surroundings. Here’s my latest colourisation…

PI plus Stuart Island

Pinnacle Island is, of course, the strange-looking “shell” of rock to the lower left there. To its upper right, just to the right of centre, is a larger, squarer-looking block of rock. Here it is in close up on another of my colourisations…

Stuart Island

Guess what they’ve called it… Go on, guess…


Now I’m not sure what it’s been named after, but I know – contrary to what some very generous/optimistic/drunk readers are suggesting – it’s not been named after me! I wish! ( Actually, no, I don’t wish, because I think you have to be dead to have a feature or place on Mars named after you, and although that would be lovely one day I’m no rush to be given that honour. .! )

You know, with all these rocks being named after famous islands, it really is time we had a rock named “Craggy Island”, after the home of this lot, don’t you think?


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