Pinnacle Island Poses Again…

Well, still no official word on the story behind Pinnacle Island, and the media seems to have moved on to other things now, but Oppy is still taking new images of the “mysterious martian rock” and here are my latest colourisations…




Here I’ve used an astrophotography trick and ‘stacked’ together a few b&w raw images to make one more detailed image…


…and again…


So, any new ideas where our gnarled-looking little friend came from? Well,  one of this blog’s readers – Brad Christenson from Minnesota – spotted something interesting on the Before and After photos: look in the area circled on Brad’s image and you’ll see some pebbles have been displaced from an area between PI and the rover…


…which might be evidence that the rock did indeed skip across the surface of Mars, kicking other stones out of its way, after being tiddly-winked by one of Oppy’s wheels…? Thanks for sending that in Brad!

Not a lot else going on really. Oppy just passed the tenth anniversary of her landing, but no-one dropped off a cake, or even a card, which was a shame. Hope she had a nice anniversary anyway… 🙂

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2 Responses to Pinnacle Island Poses Again…

  1. John Dartner says:

    Poor old Curiosity, just as brave as Oppy and the inspiration for this blog. But neglected because she isn’t considered a true rover. So she hops over a dune to reduce further damage to her battered wheels, in search of new wonders, uncared for by some of her former admirers on earth.

    • phoenixpics says:

      Oh give it a rest. What’s your problem? If you’re that bothered, set up your own blog, instead of posting snarky, sarky comments on the blogs of people who *could* be arsed to actually do something constructive and creative. Then set up another. And another. And then you might have an idea how much hard work it is to keep several blogs going.

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