“IMMORTAL” – Ten Years on Mars

As I said in a previous post, I have something special for you  to mark the tenth anniversary of the Mars Exploration Rovers landing on Mars. I’m posting it a few days early because people are already asking me about it and also because I might not be able to on the actual anniversary of Oppy’s landing itself.

For several years now, my great friend Glen Nagle and I have been marking milestones and major events in the MER mission by creating ” poemsters” – poetry posters, combining Glen’s stunning artwork and design skills with my poetic ramblings. We’ve collaborated again to create something to mark this historic tenth anniversary, and here it is…


Obviously to read that you’ll need to click on that to enlarge it, and if you want to see bigger versions, and some brilliant MER 10th anniversary logos and artwork Glen has created,  just go to Glen’s blog.

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