Close up of Pinnacle Island

Stitched together a couple of MI (“Microscopic Imager”) pictures Oppy took of the enigmatic “Pinnacle Island”…


I also had a go at recolourising the image… this is more accurate, I think…


Wonder where it came from? I think there are four reasonable possibilities. 1. It’s a meteorite, and it literally fell from the sky and landed next to Oppy. That seems a hell of a longshot, don’t you agree? Even more of a cosmic coincidence than Oppy’s own unlikely “Cosmic Hole In One” landing in Eagle crater a decade ago… 2. It’s a piece of ejecta – a piece of martian rock which landed here, next to Oppy, after being blown out of the ground nearby/miles away by a meteoroid impact. Less unlikely than being a meteorite, but still, whar would the odds on that be..? Option 3: Oppy put it there herself. HOW?!?!? Well, maybe she dislodged it while driving a little while ago, it got stuck in her wheel, and finally fell out heere. Hmmm. That’s possible, very possible actually. Or, option 4, it simplty rolled next to Oppy, having rolled down the slope of the hill from somewhere higher up ahead. That’s the least crazy but also the most boring idea. Anyway, it might be something else entirely. We’ll just have to wait and see. As usual!

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4 Responses to Close up of Pinnacle Island

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  2. really?? says:

    how exactly do you “wait and see” something like that

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