Oppy rocks on…

More pictures came back from Oppy overnight (well, overnight for me) that were worth working on, so here you go, They show clearly that Oppy is in a quite fascinating place, strewn with rocks and boulders of many different shapes, sizes and textures. Some must have rolled down the slopes of Solander and onto the flat plain here, so studying them now will give Oppy a valuable heads up on the geology “up there” on the skyline.

rock 3

…and for all you 3D fans… you know who you are…

rock 3d

Mula Mula 2

You’ll recognise that as our old friend “Mula Mula”… I’ve worked on the colours a bit more with the newer images…


Up ahead, at the base of Solander, is a quite prominent ridge, or outcrop, which must have the MER science team’s eyes widening in anticipation…


And, of course, in 3D, to bring out the local terrain’s rises and drops…

ridge 3d

And where is that ridge? Well, let me show you. It’s up ahead, and I think Oppy will be driven to and past it on her way along the base of Solander, before she starts to climb up its slope heading for the ridges and outcrops higher up…

road ahead line

That should be quite a view from up there… 🙂

In the meantime, and to close this post, here’s a new – and rather beautiful, if I say so myself! – view of Solander Point, showing the wonderful variety of geological features Oppy’s great trek across the Meridiani dust sea has now brought her to. Just drink in this view…


The adventure continues, my friends, and the best, I am sure, is yet to come…

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1 Response to Oppy rocks on…

  1. Birgit says:

    Let´s go, Oppy, to climb this Peak….you´ll make it !!!!!

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