Skirting Solander…

Apologies for the lack of updates recently but we’ve been on a well-deserved and much needed holiday, which included a weekend “starcamp” in the darkest depths of a North Yorkshire forest. But I gave a talk there about the Mars rovers, which went down well, so I haven’t been totally neglecting Oppy!

Because there was no mobile signal (on my network, anyway) I was unable to keep up to date with Oppy’s trek while we were away, but I came back to find she hasn’t been roving an awful lot anyway. What she has been doing, rather than climbing up onto Solander, is skirting around it, exploring the area and taking a look at some of the fascinating rocks scattered about. I’ve been working this morning on putting together images of some of those rocks, and here they are. As usual, click to enlarge and, hopefully, enjoy!


rocks 2


Love that view of Oppy’s own shadow being cast on the ground at the foot of Solander Point…

And here’s a colourised view of a big boulder which has been christened “Mula Mula”… took a bit of work but I’m quite pleased with the end result…


It looks like Oppy is going to be tootling around this area for a while, checking out the local geology, and won’t start climbing up onto Solander just yet. So, lots more fascinating geology to see before we start ascending. Check back soon to see how Oppy’s view changes…

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