Almost there… almost there…

The latest images to come back from Opportunity suggest the rover is *this* (imagine me putting two fingertips very close together) close to the edge of Solander Point, and to making landfall on her next exciting science site…

July 24 pan

There’s a lot of detail visible on the sides of Solander and Tribulation now, and you can see some of it more clearly on this next mosaic…


I think that within a few days now we’ll be rolling up onto the ramp of Solander Point, then well see much more detail in and on the ledges, outcrops and layers up ahead. Really looking forward to that!

In the meantime here are some 3D views to whet your appetites…




…and some colourised views of some of the rocks and boulders Oppy has been trundling around recently…




Check back soon for more news about Oppy’s progress towards Solander Point…

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