Rolling onwards…

Opportunity continues to head south, and is making good and steady progress towards Solander Point and Cape Tribulation. And every day our view of the ridges, layers and outcrops on Solander Point get a little better, a little clearer…

Here’s today’s panorama of the road ahead for you to (hopefully!) enjoy…

pan jun 27

And here is, I think, my best “portrait” of Solander Point so far…


I’m really pleased with that 🙂

Actually, although it’s tempting to think of this leg of the journey as just being a slog across empty and featurelss terrain, this is a pretty interesting place in its own right. This wedge of rock is intriguing, isn’t it?


…and even more intriguing in 3D…


I just hope Oppy doesn’t see that and think “Ramp!!” and try to jump it. Stay away, Oppy! 🙂

Onwards, Opportunity, onwards…

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