A dragon on Mars…

Just waiting for the next batch of images to come back from Oppy but thought I’d post a very quick update based on yesterday’s pictures. Having driven off Nobby’s Head, finally, Oppy’s attention has turned to the rocks and stones ather feet, and her eye has definitely been caught by this interesting area…

close up rocks s

The rock plate on the right, the strange looking one that looks like a buried raptor claw (but isn’t, ok?!?!?!) has been given a name – “Gibber Earless”. What..?!?! Ah, turns out that’s another name for the ‘Pebble Dragon’, a cute little lizard that lives on Queensland, Australia, and is well know for camouflaging itself against the rocky ground. This is one of the little guys…


But what caught my eye on the grund here is another small feature a short way away from “GE”. Is that a nice chunk of Homestake-like gypsum there, that I’ve ringed in yellow..?

close up rocks s2

I hope that is some gypsum, it would be nice to take a closer look at a big juicy deposit of it. Colour images of this area should be down soon, they should give us more clues.

In the meantime, I thought I’d try to pull some detail out of the latest images we’re getting of Solander Point, up ahead, and this is the best I’ve managed so far. I think it brings out some of the features on the slopes a little bit better, but not by a huge amount.

SP new

Anyway, more pics from Meridiani soon, so keep checking back.

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