Taking a breather…

Interesting… Oppy appears to have turned left and gone into the low hills (did I say hills? They’re more like low mounds. Did I say mounds? They’re more like little bumps..) at the centre of Nobby’s Head instead of taking off across the desert towards Solander Point. Still, I guess that’s what we’d do before setting off on a long journey – go and sit somewhere quiet for a while, gather our thoughts, check our gear and take a swig from our canteen before heading off…

So, looking at the latest images I think she’s somewhere about… here…


…which gives Oppy a rather nice view of the largest crater on Nobby’s Head, and we all know how much our plucky little rover loves a crater… 🙂


This location also gives Oppy a VERY nice view of Solander Point and Cape Tribulation, a couple of km away to the south…


Oppy will be on the move again soon, no doubt, and will start her latest “epic trek” across another stretch of the Meridiani desert, towards landfall at Solander Point. Oh we’ll see some sights when she gets there…!

To close this post, here’s a panorama I stitched together out of around seven million small frames sent back by Oppy a couple of days ago. Ok, not quite that many, it just felt like it. It’s messy, uneven, the contrast between frames is all over the place, but I love the sweeping look and feel of it.


Check back here soon for the very latest on Opportunity’s incredible adventure.

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1 Response to Taking a breather…

  1. Jim D. Jones says:

    Really loving the panorama. Great job, Stu! –Jim

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