Um… where are we..?

I must admit I’m a bit lost.

The latest images to come back from Oppy are a bit of a grab bag, some were obviously taken a little while ago and have just now come back, others seem bang up to date and suggest, to me at least, that Oppy has now driven off the apron of Nobby’s Head and is steaming towards Solander Point. I think I’ll need to wait for the next brilliant map update from UMSF’s Eduardo Tesheiner to clear things up. In the meantime, take a look at these…

pan jun 19Clearly Oppy was still “on” Nobby’s Head when she took the images I made that mosaic panorama from (love the view across the crater, don’t you?) but when you look at this hazcam image, which I’ve distorted in Photoshop to make it look less like it was taken through a fisheye lens…

1F424884281EFFC200P1215L0M1…those tracks run across open ground, suggesting Oppy is now on the flat and rolling south towards Solander Point… I don’t know, what do you think? If she has left Nobby’s Head behind and is now heading south that means we’ve entered a very exciting new phase of the mission, and in the days ahead we’re going to get progressively better and better views of Solander Point and its fascinating outcrops, ridges and layers.

Go get ’em Oppy..!

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