Two Views…

As Oppy enters yet another new and exciting phase of her epic mission on Mars, I just want to share a couple of images and some personal thoughts with you.

Some images came back yesterday that I was able to make into both a nice colour picture, and a 3D anaglyph, and as soon as I saw them I thought they were a little bit special. Here, I’ll show you…

2 viewsLook nice side by side don’t they? But why did they make me go a bit gooey?

Well, take the first one… that just struck me as classic tourist picture. That’s a picture I can imagine myself taking standing there beside Oppy. I mean, look at it, look what a pretty view it is…

Image1bThe composition is perfect! Detailed foreground, land dropping away behind it leading to hills on the horizon… I’d be proud to take an image like that here in the Lakes, never mind on Mars, it’s just beautiful. And the colours…! The crushed digestive biscuit browns of the dusty ground… The rust and sepia hues of those jagged, shattered rocks… the darker tones of the windblown dust dunes faraway on the crater floor… the colours of the hills on the horizon… What’s not to love? Looking at that image I’m *there*, **on** Mars, gazing out at the beautiful landscape through my helmet visor, scuffing at the dusty ground with my boot, gazing up at the huge, salmon-hued sky which looms overhead like the domed ceiling of a cathedral…

Then there’s that 3D view. If you want a closer look, here it is. Grab your red and blue glasses, it’s worth it…

3dLJust look at that… See how the terrain ripples and undulates as it falls away into the distance? Let your eyes move up the picture from the bottom and you can imagine walking up the side of that hill to stand on the top, amongst all those rocks and stones, before walking over it and dropping down the other side. Then, on the other side, you’d walk down a gentle slope before starting to crump your way over that area of flatter, smoother ground, probably kicking through the cinnamon-hued dust as you go. Up another couple of low hills then, little more really than gentle swells in the landscape, before dropping down to the actual floor of Endeavour itself, with its dark dust dunes and incredible view of the hills of the crater’s ancient rim surrounding it… And then you’d *have* to walk to the centre of the crater, wouldn’t you? Just so you could turn on the spot and enjoy the full 360 degree panorama sweeping around you. And then… continue to the other side? Trekking across the crater floor until you reached the rubble-strewn bases of the crater-pocked mountains on the crater’s eastern side, looking back to see your own footprints trailing across the dark dust, leading back up the other side of the crater and up to Nobby’s Head…

As an experiment, and at the request of a reader (Hi Seb!), here’s a “side by side” view. Let me know if this works better for any of you, ok?

3d ssOne day someone will do that, for real. Maybe in 40 years time, maybe in a hundred and forty, no idea. But one day they will, and when they do they’ll see EXACTLY what you’re seeing on those pictures.

one day

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