Where are we going?

Another day, another drive by Oppy, and as you can see from the next image she’s now *this* close to driving off the apron of Nobby’s Head and starting the long drive across the dusty plain to Solander Point…

Untitled-1Again, stretching the panorama vertically brings out some of the more subtle details and features…

Untitled-1strAnd looming large on the horizon now, Solander Point. It shows particularly well in this 3D view…

3d1Now, that’s more like it! Now we can see some structure on the northern slopes of Solander Point! Hopefully by mid-August Oppy will be up there, scuttling along those ridges and outcrops, sending back great views of the landscape beneath her…

So, time, perhaps, for a closer look at the road ahead, and at Solander Point itself.

First of all, here’s a high resolution view I’ve made – by stitching together crops of HiRISE images – of the terrain between Nobby’s Head, where Oppy is now, and Solander Point, where she’s going to be heading for soon. You’ll need to click on it to enlarge it.

route-1And what can Oppy *see* from where she is now? Let’s join the dots a little, shall we?

route-1 labels IDSo, when Oppy rolls down off Nobby’s Head’s apron, and heads for Solander Point, what’s in her path? What stops might she make en-route to her landfall site? Some features of note are picked out on the next illustration for you to think about…

route-1 stops labelsAnd what of Solander Point itself? Well, time to grab your 3D glasses (the old fashioned  red blue ones, not the brown or silvery blue ones you ‘accidentally took home’ last time you saw a 3D film at the cinema,,,) and go on a three dimensional flight over Solander Point… again, clicking to enlarge will be necessary…

sp 3d1Want to get a little closer..? Ok, seat belts fastened…!

sp 3d2Go get ’em Oppy..!



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