Onwards, Oppy, onwards…

Oppy continues to make good progress south, working her way towards Solander Point, her chosen landfall site on the northern tip of Cape Tribulation. She’s now driving towards – and might soon start to head around – “Nobby’s Head”, another small ‘island’ of rock standing in Botany Bay. Here are the latest views…

nh-1That’s Nobby’s Head… um… up ahead…

And in 3D…

3d1A close up of the rocks littering the feature…

bSo, where is Oppy going? I think she might be going to head around Nobby’s Head rather than just go past it. Something like this, perhaps…

kh-1SP-2… but I might be TOTALLY wrong about that! We’ll know what Oppy’s intentions are later today, because NASA is holding one of its regular telecon news updates, and I’m sure they’ll let us know what’s in Oppy’s immediate future then.

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