Oppy heading south…

Oppy is now making great progress towards Cape Tribulation. The latest images to come down show she has been driving down the eastern flank of “Knobby’s Head”, the small, tadpole-shaped ‘island’ between Cape York and Solander Point, her planned landfall site at Cape Tribulation. I stitched three different images together to create this picture, showing Oppy’s most recent view of Knobby’s Head…

kh-1Now… this place is, like Cape York, very flat and offers little vertical relief, so it’s a bit hard to tell what we’re looking at on that image. One way of getting round this is to stretch the image vertically, which really brings out the features a lot better…

kh-stretchOoooh… look at that… some lovely-looking ledges, outcrops and other geological goodies up ahead! But will Oppy take a detour to go and see them, or will she steam onwards to Solander Point? Time will tell, in the meantime here’s a new colourised view of Cape Tribulation…

Image1cI hope you’ll come back here to “Road to Endeavour” soon to check in on Oppy’s progress in her fascinating journey.


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