Apologies for not updating RtE for a while, but I’ve been pouring all my blogging energies into my “Waiting for ISON” blog, which is looking forward to the appearance of not one but TWO naked eye comets in the sky later this year. Not much has been happening with Oppy anyway, so I didn’t feel too bad about it! But I’d never dream of abandoning her, or of stopping writing this blog, so this is just me “checking in” with a couple of new images in advance of a big post in a week or so.

So, Oppy is still exploring geological features on the eastern flank of Cape York, on the decayed edge of the huge Endeavour Crater. She’s studying flat, plate-like exposures of rock there, hoping to find clues about the past of Mars. Here are a couple of mosaics I made of pictures taken recently – after clicking on the images to enlarge them, you’ll see the rocks and structures here almost SHOUT “we are old! study us!”… 🙂

pano feb 19a

pano feb 19b

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