As another anniversary approaches…

First of all, a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! I imagine some of you were wondering/worrying if I’d given up writing this blog, turned my back on Oppy like the vast majority of others seemed to have done…

Nope! Just a combination of having to work over the so-called “holidays”, and having to organise a whole bunch of events here in Kendal as my astronomy society’s contribution to the BBC’s “STARGAZING LIVE” season meant I had to put both this and my Curiosity blog side for a wee while. But now we’re back! A new year, and soon another anniversary for Opportunity – before the end of the month she’ll be celebrating the 9th anniversary of her landing on Mars. Yes, 9 years!!!! You can be sure we’ve something special planned for that…

In the meantime, let’s catch up wuith what Oppy as been doing since you last dropped by.

Easy answer – not a lot. She hasn’t moved much from where she was – is still high up on the eastern flank of Cape York, studying plates and outcrops of rock which, it seems, bear some of those precious clays the rover was sent to look for on this part of the Cape. Let’s take a look at what she’s seeing… as ever, click on the images to enlarge them, which now entails clicking on a link above the picture itself when it pops up solo on your screen…

pano jan 7 13

In the centre of that image there, the high hill is the peak of Cape Tribulation. One day, when she’s finished snuffling and scruffling about here on the Cape, Oppy will drive up there and enjoy a grandstand view of Endeavour crater…


Slightly narrower angle view of the same scene…

pan 7 jan 2013

Looking back at Oppy’s own tracks leading up from the lower regions of the Cape…

pano 2

Lots of fascinating geology in this area, which explains why Oppy has been here for the past million years… no, not really that long, it just feels that long…!

This next view shows the rocky ledge/outcrop Opportunity is studying in detail at the moment…


…and what does that look like in colour? Well, a lot like this…


I wonder how much longer Oppy will stay here? She must be getting itchy wheels by now…

Thanks for coming back, and for continuing to support Oppy’s mission, and the amazing team behind her. I think 2013 is going to be Oppy’s most incredible year so far… 🙂

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2 Responses to As another anniversary approaches…

  1. Birgit says:

    Oh, it is planned….., i am very curious as to what !!!!!

  2. Buck says:

    That last photo… can’t you just imagine those tracks are boot-prints? I can! I can hardly believe I’m so excited at the prospect of looking at mud and clay, but I am.

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