Forwards, Oppy…

Having driven towards and then past several rocky outcrops, it looks like Oppy is now about to drive to – maybe even over – one of the major landmarks on Cape York, a round, flat-topped area which is almost certainly a dust-filled crater but looks suspiciously like a helicopter landing pad.. 🙂

Here’s Oppy’s current view, looking roughly south…

That doesn’t look much from here, but if you stretch and distort the view you can see it more clearly…

Where IS this? Well, on the next image, Oppy’s (approx) current location is shown in green, and the crater is ringed in blue…

When Cape York was first chosen as Oppy’s “landfall” site on the rim of Endeavour Crater, this feature was one of the ones which really jumped out at those of us following the rover’s epic journey, along with Odyssey Crater and, of course, Whim Creek. Looking forward to a closer look, though Oppy might just drive right around it and keep going, rather than risk getting stuck in a dust-filled crater like her poor sister Spirit did… 😦

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1 Response to Forwards, Oppy…

  1. Birgit says:

    Oh,no, no, Stu, Oppy not just like as poor Spirit !!!!!

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