Catching up…

Haven’t posted many new images from Oppy for a while, so now is a good chance to catch up! Here, then, is a grab bag of new pictures from Opportunity, taken at Cape York, Endeavour Crater, Meridiani Planum.

Finally for this time, a view across Endeavour. It’s easy – too easy – to forget now that there’s a torrent of pin-sharp, crystal clear, true colour images coming back from Curiosity, over at Gale Crater, that Oppy is still there, still roving, still doing science, almost 9 years into her 90 day mission. So take a look at this picture, take a good, long look at it, and spare a few thoughts for Opportunity, standing here, looking out over the vast bowl of Endeavour, to the Faraway Hills on the other side…

See? Curiosity isn’t having all the fun! 🙂

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1 Response to Catching up…

  1. Monica,Houston,Texas says:

    Sometimes the photos look like fossils that have been uncovered by the wind; some have even looked like petrified trunks of trees.
    Thank you for processing the raw images and bringing them to life.

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