A couple of blasts from the past…

One of the oddities/frustrations/joys of the flow of images back from Mars, from either Opportunity or Curiosity, is that they don’t always come back in order. So, when you go online and bring up one of the various websites where the rover images are displayed you can find yourself loo0king at pictures taken just a couple of hours earlier, or days or even weeks ago. But that’s ok, because on quiet days, when nothing much is being done by the rover, you can often find images taken back when something exciting *was* going on. Like today. 🙂

When I checked out the Exploratorium website just now there were some images taken a week ago, and others taken a month ago. It was a nice surprise, because it allowed me to make some nice colour images of two very interesting looking geological features.

First, this Homestake-like vein of gypsum was imaged by Oppy way back on Sol 3049, or “August 21st” as it’s known to normal people…

…and this next pic shows another section of the jaggedy rocky outcrop Oppy was studying before she moved on to “Errington” and “Whitewater Lake”…

I’m thinking that fits, somehow, into my Big Picture mosaic of that whole area. I’ll have to check.

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