For years – ever since it was first spotted by Spirit, on the edge of “Homeplate – my favourite rock on Mars has been this one, “McKay”…

But I think I might have a new one – one spotted by Opportunity on the flank of Cape York…

Up close, and colourised, “Errington” is a beauty…!

Hang on… does that remindanyone else of something..?

And in 3D…

Love it that Mars can still surprise us…!

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1 Response to “Errington”

  1. Monica,Houston,Texas says:

    I think McKay is a beautiful rock, the weathering pattern and the almost circular hole at the base is intriguing, as well as the strata of the rocks surrounding it. Now Errington is very different with the almost arrow head shape and most definitely looks like something out of Star Wars.

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