It just gets better and better…

Oh, Oppy is having fun at Fin outcrop! 🙂 The rocks here are so interesting and diverse, a lot of new images are coming back every day, allowing the MER team, I’m sure, to build up a really detailed picture of the area and to get to grips with its geology. Every time I see new images from here I curse myself for not knowing more geology!

Here’s the latest mosaic view – which I’ve colourised – of Oppy’s current playground… lick on it to enlarge it, as usual, then just spend a few minutes wandering around it, drinking in the view… the different colours and hues of the dust and rocks, the wild and wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures… beautiful place… 🙂

Some more microscopic imager pictures of the “spherules” should be coming back soon, in the meantime, here’s a larger mosaic I’ve made, showing the two previous mosaics stitched together (now I have finally figured out how they join up!!)…

That really is a spectacular image, isn’t it? You can almost feel those knub and stubs of rock bobbling under your fingers as you run your hands over them…

Check back soon for more images from Oppy – but in the meantime, I really do think you should nip over to my “Gale Gazette” blog to see what I think is the most breathtaking image returned from Mars by Curiosity yet – perhaps by any spacecraft ever sent to Mars…

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