Opportunity rocks!

I take it no-one’s going to argue with that? Not when she’s sending back beautiful views like this…

I know, that one looks a bit too green. Before anyone says anything THAT’S NOT LICHEN OR MOSS!!! Sorry, I haven’t got the colour balance right yet. I will tho.

UPDATE: Ah, that’s better…

Loving what Oppy is doing at the moment, exploring these gorgeous-looking rocks and sending back clear, sharp, images for us all to see. Around the other side of Mars Curiosity is taking her own images of the fascinating rocks at Gale Crater, but while there are small, thumbnail images to squint at, the large images being posted on the MSL sites are still being camouflaged by that godawful Bayer filtering/compressing/decompressing procedure. So, for the moment, until someone at NASA sorts that out, Oppy is the best Mars show in town, so keep checking back here for more pictures of glorious martian geology.

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2 Responses to Opportunity rocks!

  1. buck says:

    I can imagine little Barsoomians taking shelter from the bitter Martian wind in that hollow.

  2. Jose says:

    Beautiful Pics! Stu

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