Beat THAT, Curiosity…!

Oh my…

As predicted, Oppy has moved closer to the ridge highlighted in the previous post, and has sent back some stunning images of it. here they are colourised and stitched together to make one single large mosaic. Prepare to be amazed… click to enlarge..

And in 3D… well, just forget doing anything else for the next ten minutes, because you’re going to be busy scrolling around this panorama…

I really, really wishI was a geologist so that I could have a clue what was going on there…!

More, more detailed images of this ridge soon,I’m sure.

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2 Responses to Beat THAT, Curiosity…!

  1. Hugo says:

    Do we have a name for this ridge yet, Stu? The 3D image is stunning by the way, Really well done.

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