Heading for Tribulation…

Opportunity really is making good progress down the eastern side of Cape York, and I’m sure Cape Tribulation is looking larger and closer now! Some new images came back today showing that Oppy is now driving down a very, VERY flat part of Cape York, with almost no dust covering the ground. The images also showed that that “meteorite” she saw a few days ago was more likely a “meteor-wrong”, just a big old chunk of rock that landed there from…somewhere. Here’s one of the new pics of “Goldstrike”, tweaked a bit to bring out detail not visible on the originally posted raw…

Nope. Not a meteorite. Oh well, maybe there’ll be one up ahead…

Oppy is now enjoying a great view of the ridge that runs along the top of Cape York like a dinosaur’s spine, the “Shoemaker Ridge”… click on the next image to enlarge it…

I’m working on some colour views of this, so check back soon to see if I managed to make anything useful out of them! In the meantime, to close this post, here’s a new view of Cape Tribulation, which is in Oppy’s sights now…

Go get ’em Oppy! 🙂

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