Onwards, Oppy…

While the newly-arrived “Curiosity” rover stands still at her landing site in Gale Crater, having her systems checked out in preparation for her long-awaited first drive, on the other side of Mars Opportunity is roving onwards, making her way down the eastern side of Cape York on a kind of road trip tour of the many small craters that have been blasted out of the rocky island’s side by meteorite impacts in the past.

Here’s her latest view…

The rover recently spent some time exploring “Whim Creek”, a notch dug out of the side of the Cape which rover drivers, scientists and fans have wanted to see and get up close and personal to for YEARS, ever since Cape York was first chosen as Oppy’s landfall site. While she was there she took many, many photos of the intriguing geology there. Here’s a new colourisation of one of the rocky structures she saw…

But now Whim Creek is far behind Oppy, and her tracks lead away from it…

So, Oppy is on the road again! Keep checking back for more pictures and news as she works her way down the side of Cape York, heading for Botany Bay and, beyond that, the inviting rocks and layers of Cape Tribulation…!

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