Time to rest, Oppy…

The landing of the Mars Science Laboratory “Curiosity” is now just nine hours away, so Opportunity will be rather quiet for a while as, understandably, NASA turns its attention, and its resources, towards her big sister who needs them more right now! So, for the next few days at least, don’t expect to hear, or see, much from Cape York. Instead, follow the arrival, landing and awakening of Curiosity at Gale Crater.

Enjoy these pics, they’re the last you’re going to see for probably a week..!

As you can see, I **finally** found a way of getting rid of that green hue from the material on the left hand side of Whim Creek. Much more realistic now.

But that’s it for a while, ok?

Now, I know I said I wasn’t going to write a “Curiosity” blog, but… well… as many of you probably expected, or even predicted, I just couldn’t resist! So I WILL be following Curiosity’s adventure on a separate blog, BUT it will NOT be updated as often as this one, I simply wouldn’t have the time. Instead it will be updated occasionally, i.e. when something interesting or exciting happens, or when some particularly gorgeous images come back. I think that will be more than enough!

So, now we’ve made sure Oppy is safe, and resting, I hope that some of you will wander over to “The Gale Gazette“, where I’ll be following Curiosity as she explores, and studies, Gale Crater.



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One Response to Time to rest, Oppy…

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    These photos are WAY kinder on the eyes than the Curiosity ‘first light’ photos.

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