Dig, Oppy, dig…

Still a quiet time for Oppy – it’s about to get a lot quieter tho, more on that later – so not an awful lot to tell you about. Opportunity is still parked up, still studying the rock “Grasburg” closely by drilling into it with her Rock Abrasion Tool, or RAT. Here’s a new 4 frame mosaic I’ve of the RAT hole…

This time each month I invite you all to stop reading this blog, and head on over to the website of The Planetary Society, where you’ll find the latest monthly MER Update by journalist AJS Rayl, and this month is no exception. I’m the first to admit that all I do here on RtE is skim the surface of the MER mission, there’s a lot more going on than I could ever hope to even try and cover. All I do – all I try to do, anyway – is keep you all informed of Oppy’s day to day activities. amd share the images she takes, creating my own “products” out of them whenever possible. It’s kind of a MER Light site! But if you want truly in-depth coverage, an artillery barrage of facts, figures and information, then AJS Rayl’s monthly update is the place to go.

The latest update can be found here, and there’s a lot in this month’s report about how Oppy will be affected by the arrival of MSL “Curiosity” at Mars in just under a month’s time. Basically, we’ll hear from her less, because she’ll be sharing downlink resources with “Curiosity”. So we’ll all have to get used to Oppy taking things a little easier, and not phoning home so much, too. Anyway, go check out the blog post by AJS, it’s all on there.

Is Oppy going to be sidelined by Curiosity? I don’t think so, not deliberately any way. But it’s inevitable that the media spotlight will swing round away from Oppy and fix on Curiosity when the lattare reaches Mars. And it’s a fact that there’s only so much downlink capacity to go round, so – at least for the start of her mission, while she gets down on the ground safely, gets her bearings and begins to drive – Curiosity will take priority over Oppy. But we’ll see how it all plays out.

In the meantime, check back here soon to hear what Oppy has been up to.

Update: as expected, some new images came back, suggesting that Oppy is planning to drive a litte NE, maybe even off the Cape itself. Not at all sure about that, but I guess we’ll see over the next few days…

Fancy a 3D view? Of course you do…

I’ve been working on another 3D view too, and even though it doesn’t work perfectly I still think it’s interesting. It’s of part of Oppy’s recent RAT home…

Some interesting detail in that hole..

Finally, I’ve just finished another MER-inspired astropoem, and invite you to take a look at it…

“Camping at Cape York”

Definitely a site for rock pegs… 😉

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1 Response to Dig, Oppy, dig…

  1. Donald Ross says:

    You don’t need pegs the winds aren’t strong enough to blow you away.

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