Sol 3001 of Opportunity’s 90 day mission, and at the northern tip of Cape York, things are quiet. Having drilled into a rocky plate at her feet, Oppy is now studying the hole she made. Back on Earth, a veritable flood of backlogged images broke on Exploratorium this morning, allowing us to make some new, detailed views of this fascinating part of Mars.

Firstly, here’s a wide angle view… you’ll need to click on it to bring up the full size view…

There are two sections of that which really caught my eye. Firstly, bottom centre, there’s a large plate/chunk of rock that’s very striking…

And secondly, over there on the right there’s some absolutely fascinating geology going on…

You know what would be really nice? Seeing that in colour…

…here ya go…

Some other frames came back today too, showing part of Oppy’s current surroundings lit from a low angle, during sunset most likely, and these images show off the detail on the ground beautifully…

Some more images back tomorrow no doubt, so check back then.

Finally for this time, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who came to look at RtE yesterday. It was a very big day for the blog! RtE was featured in some very prominent places. Yesterday’s post was reproduced whiole on The Planetary Society blog site. and the increasingly popular SEN website gave RtE a great namecheck, too. Links to both these sites are given below.



With NASA’s “Powers That Be” effectively ignoring the 3000 Sol mission milestone, it was left to bloggers and space enthusiasts to celebrate the day and Oppy’s achievement, and to spread the word about the amazing achievement, and I’m glad to have been able to play a part. And rest assured that when “Curiosity” lands safely on Mars in a month’s time, an the glaring media spotlight turns towards her, here at RtE we will continue to report on Oppy’s activities and follow the mission, for as long as it goes on – no matter what Curiosity does or finds.

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