On the shoreline…

Ok, first, obviously Oppy hasn’t reached a real shoreline; I’m just using that term to refer to the bright northerm edge of Cape York, i.e. the ‘lip’ of the rocky island (again, not a real island… oh heck, digging myself a real home here, aren’t I?!) our rover has been exploring since last August. There have been no updates for a while because of problems with Mars Odyssey, the orbiter which helps relay Oppy’s images and data back to Earth, but happily they seem to be sorted now, and we’re getting pictures back again.

So. Where ARE we?


From another angle…

Now, at (almost) the northern tip of Cape York, Oppy can see the ‘contact’ area between the plain of Meridiani and the rocky ledge/outcrop/island of Cape York. Here’s a mosaic of several navcam images, showing what Oppy is seeing now…

Click on that to enlarge it, obviously…

There are some interesting rocks just off the ‘shore’ where Oppy is now, which look interesting in 3D…

…and here’s a 3D view of that ‘contact’ area, which I’m sure the geologists on the MER team are positively salivating over…

That’s all I’ve got to show you this time, but the important thing is that – for now, at least – the Quest for Gypsum seems to be over, and Oppy has turned her attention towards the exposed bedrock and rocky plates here at the northern end of Cape York. I think we can expect some microscope images soon.

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