Monte Cristo close-up

Oppy is now parked up at, and studying, a Homestake-like vein of light-coloured mineral which has been christened “Monte Cristo”. In a previous post I showed you part of the vein in colour. This time I’ve managed to stitch together three colourised frames to make one single full length portrait of the feature.

First of all, here’s a 3D view of Oppy studying the feature with the scientific instrument package on the end of her robot arm…

And here’s the full-length colourised view. Better click on it to see it in full detail…

And what does “Monte Cristo” look like to Oppyu’s microscopic imager? Like this…

Looking forward to some more views of this intriguing feature. 🙂

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1 Response to Monte Cristo close-up

  1. ilie says:

    Amazing !

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