You’re so vein..

A quiet couple of sols for Oppy as she takes a look at the terrain at the northern end of Cape York, hunting for Homestake-like veins of pale-coloured gypsum large enough to use her suite of scientific tools on. Homestake was too thin and too narrow for Oppy to dust-off or drill into, so the MER team are going to spend a while here looking for a “Homestake on steroids” to really get stuck into.

As she drove downhill from the North Pole dunes, Oppy drove over a decent-sized (but still not large enough) vein, (“Monte Christo”)and took some colour filter images of it which I’ve assembled into a single colour picture showing how the gypsum vein really stands out against the browns, tans and crushed digestive biscuit sepia tones of the martian surface, here at Cape York…

More soon, I’m sure, so keep checking back.

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