Heading north…

…from the “North Pole”..????

No, I don’t know why the MER team christened that area of wind-blown dust dunes “North Pole” when there was a lot more of Cape York to explore even further north, but I’m sure they had their reasons! Whatever those reasons were it doesn’t really matter now, because the next photo shows that Oppy’s scientific study of that dusty area has ended and she has now moved on, heading further north, driving along the rocky spine of the Cape and dropping downhill towards the northern end, where, hopefully, there are thicker, fatter and wider veins of Homestake-like gypsum waiting to be found and interrogated…

Oppy moved apptroximately 25m north after leaving the dust of “North Pole”, so this is her view now…

To the right there you can see Oppy’s tracks leading downhill, away from the “North Pole” dunes, and on the left, the terrain she will now drive towards, and then past, on her way to the northern end of the Cape. Let’s take a closer look at that…

Over on the right are some interesting-looking rocks and low rocky outcrops. Will Oppy rove over there to take a closer look at them, or will she just roll past them and roll out onto the flat ‘bench’ at the Cape’s northern end and get down to looking for that gypsum? We’ll have to wait and see. I think she’ll wander over and take a look – she’s a robot geologist, and won’t be able to resist taking a look at some rocks which are right under her nose… 😉

A quick reminder of what we’re looking at as we head downhill…

A reminder of what the horizon looks like in colour…

So… we’re on our way again… next stop? Down there. Thataway. 🙂

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