Dinosaur bones and distant, dusty hills…

Ha! THAT got your attention, didn’t it?! 🙂

No, of course Oppy hasn’t found dinosaur bones on Mars, don’t be silly. But she’s been taking some close up pictures of the surface with her MI microscopic imager that show little rocks that look strikingly bone-like. Again: THEY’RE NOT, they just look that.

Here’s one of the “raw” images…

Interesting, don’t you think? Bit hard to get a feel for what you’re looking at there, I know, but if you take a pair of those images and put them together into a gif animation that flips between the two, you can simulate wiggling the rocks about… like this… as usual, you might need to click on the next image to set the animation going…

I can’t usually get those to work that well, so quite pleased with that.

Then some *more* images of these rocks came in, much clearer this time, and with a bit of cleaning up I was able to get one of them to look quite striking…

REALLY like that, and you have to admit that strange one in the middle there does look like a shard of broken bone… What it actually is a fragment of ancient, shattered martian rock, that’s been lying here on this part of Mars for countless thousands if not millions of years, before being seen and photographed by an amazing robot from Earth… and that’s just as cool, I think.

Here’s a 3D pic showing Oppy studying the surface of Greeley Haven with its suite of instruments…maybe at the same time those previous images were taken, I don’t know…

What else has Oppy been up to? Well, she’s been taking pictures of those beautiful hills over there on t’other side of the crater…

Soooo… you take three of those, one taken through a blue, red and green filter, do a little bit of image trickery, and you get something like this…

I love pictures of the hills over on the opposite side of Endeavour, those slopes, ridges and peaks are so wonderfully detailed. Oppy will never reach and explore them – they’re more than 20km away! – which means these are probably the best views we’ll ever have of them. So enjoy them!

You know what might be fun..? To imagine what those hills would look like after dark…

Just a bit of fun… 🙂

Some more pictures will be coming back soon, so check back before too long, ok?

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3 Responses to Dinosaur bones and distant, dusty hills…

  1. nebarnix says:

    I just love seeing your “fantasy images” and that they are created using REAL images. Totally something out of an Arthur C. Clarke novel. You are getting really good at image processing! Thank you for sharing your vision!

  2. Monica, Houston Texas says:

    Yes, the rock formations could pass for dino bones – interesting; have any geologists come forth to give an opinion as to the formations?

  3. Monica, Houston Texas says:

    Oh, the sixth photo – in the foreground – when I double click looks like layers of rock formation – so interesting.

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