Forget “John Carter”…

…this is the REAL Mars. This is the REAL Barsoom.

In the week that the Disney 3D spectacular “John Carter” opened in cinemas across the world, to mixed reviews and the frustration of many fans of the original Edgar Rice Burroughs books ( who are puzzled/aghast/outraged by Disney’s decision not to mention the word “Mars” in the film title, even though that’s THE WHOLE ****** POINT OF THE STORY!!!! Why didn’t they call it “John Carter of Mars”? many are wondering? Well, you know, maybe it’s because every* film made about Mars with the word ‘Mars’ in the title has stunk more than the pile of clothes pulled out from beneath a teenager’s bed…! Hang your head in shame ‘Mission to Mars’. Maybe Disney thought film fans would remember how every other ‘Mars’ film has been utterly crap and give “John Carter of Mars” a wide berth. That’s my theory anyway) and Mars enthusiasts alike, Opportunity has been standing patiently on the slope of Greeley Haven, merrily snapping away at another set of “sunset images”. These have now all come back, allowing us to make another beautiful low Sun vista…

Well, I say “us”. I tried with this set, really hard, but what came out the other end looked like some kind of accident in a Mars image transporter beam…

Ha! I know! Shocking isn’t it?! Thankfully, others had better luck, and UMSF’s James Sorenson has very generously given me his permission to share his version of that scene with all of you…

That’s nice, isn’t it? Same images I had to play with, and look at the difference in the end product. Told you I’m just an enthusiast and not an expert! 🙂

So, a “Miserable Failure” certificate for me for that attempt, but I had more luck colourising parts of the scene, and here they are for you to enjoy, hopefully. At the risk of sounding like a scratched CD, I’m not, not even for a nanosecond, suggesting that these colours are real, or accurate. These are just my “takes”, my “artistic impressions” if you like, of the scenery with the Sun setting. I just think it doesn’t hurt to leave cold, hard science back at the base sometimes and go out with the eyes and soul of an artist instead, which is what I try to do here…

More soon!

* Confession time: I really enjoy watching that godawful film “Red Planet” with Val Kilmer. I know, I know, rubbish film, dreadful dialogue, cut-out characters, ludicrous story… but come on, what a cool psycho robot, eh?

P.S. Apologies for the absence recently, been busy with other… stuff… see my “Cumbrian Sky” blog for details…

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4 Responses to Forget “John Carter”…

  1. Buck says:

    I rather like your effort. It reminds me that science is made up of many little pieces, painstakingly assembled to the best of our ability. There’s no shame that sometimes we can see the edges.

    Speaking of painstaking, have you seen this? He’s created 3-D models of the rovers in software. Wow!

  2. GJeff says:

    Actually, Disney had a tough time creating a movie title that would sell, and they failed. In market research they found that women would not see a movie titled “John Carter of Mars” And they couldn’t go with “Princess of Mars” as boys would be repulsed.

    Not only that (from Toronto’s Globe and Mail newspaper – Liam Lacey)… “Apart from cleverly picking a title that avoided either girl or boy interest, critics have jumped on other dubious Disney decisions, from using a novice live-action director, to failing to promote the movie at Comic-Con International conference, and a $3.5-million, chopped-up action segment on a Super Bowl ad ranked poorly by TV viewers.”

    In this case reality rocks. “The Road to Endeavour” is great. One of my favorites.

  3. Rob White says:

    We really enjoyed John Carter of Mars and found the recent spate of criticism of the movie to be totally at odds with our appreciation. In fact many of the movies which have been criticized recently we find are totally at odds with our interpretation. But, such is America and freedom of expression. We also thought Extremely Loud and Increbibly Close was a fine movie and also Hugo. “And so it goes . . . “

  4. Rob White says:

    On the other hand we really do enjoy your “Road to Endeavour” and are sad at the lack of support that our space program has received in the past few years and hope that perhaps a consortium of space interests from different countries can unify our efforts toward understanding the nature of our world, worlds, and the universe.

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