Rocks everywhere…

Oppy’s still standing there, still dusty, still measuring Mars’ wobble, still going absolutely nowhere. But she’s not doing nothing. Every day she takes and sends back new images, and I’ll do my best to make prettier pictures out of them for you all to enjoy here. Here are my two latest efforts…

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3 Responses to Rocks everywhere…

  1. Buck says:

    Oh, she’s so dusty! I wonder how she keeps her camera lenses clean?

    The top photo… wow. Look at the texture of that sand – it’s like coarse sand on a ocean beach. With windswept dunes included.

  2. Bev says:

    Anyone else get the urge to grab a brush and dust her off?

  3. MoreInput says:

    Yes, the Mars winds where so kindly: last week there was a cleaning event! Just waiting, how much it cleaned!

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