Me….and my shadow…

I’m out of the door to go to work in literally ten minutes, but wanted to show you all something very special before I headed out into the frosty darkness.

And if you think that previous pic of clouds moving across the martian sky was cool, this one is going to have your jaw hitting the floor and shattering like a cheap vase…

Yesterday evening some images came back from Oppy which had been taken in the late afternoon, just before sunset I think. One of them caught my eye, and the eye of many other MER fans too, because it showed something…odd… something that had us all thinking “Nooooo… it can’t be… can it?!” Here, take a look… (again, you may need to click on the image to bring up the animation – and ignore the red speckling to the left, no idea what the hell that’s all about…)

See that bump, on the hump? The hump, we’re all pretty sure, is the silhouette of the Greeley Haven ridge Oppy is currently parked up on for the winter… so that means the bump is the shadow of Oppy herself.

Yes, you read that correctly: Oppy has photographed her own shadow, being cast on the floor of Endeavour crater by the setting Sun.

Told you it was special.

So, let’s add some colour, and imagine we’re standing there beside Oppy, with the Sun setting behind us. Ahead of us, on the farside of Endeavour, are the eastern hills, still burning in the sunlight, high enough to still be in its glow. But beneath us, down on the crater floor, is the shadow of the Saddleback Ridge on the summit of Cape York, with Oppy’s shadow a small, dark bump on the top of it…

Have a good day everyone… 🙂

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3 Responses to Me….and my shadow…

  1. 🙂 very interesting and clever Oppy…

  2. earl weidner says:

    your comments over the months and the images…well done! hope you have an ‘opportunity’ to do
    this for the science project later this year. best wishes

  3. Buck says:

    That glow around her shadow is sooooo close to being a Glory! Beautiful and evocative!!

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