Different views…

It’s pretty clear from what members of the MER team are saying that Oppy is going to be parked up at Greeley Haven for a loooong time, probably until the end of March, so, as I said in a previous post, I hope you all like the view from here because it’s not going to change until the martian spring –

Actually, that turns out not to be true. As I was secretly hoping they would, the MER team have been taking images at different times of the day to bring out different structure, features and texture in the landscape. Yesterday Oppy sent back some images taken during the late afternoon at Endeavour crater, with the low Sun’s light slanting in from an angle, and the effect is quite beautiful. I had a go at stitching the images together but failed *miserably*, my ‘finished mosaic’ was so embarrassingly bad I actually deleted it straight away, so thanks to UMSF’s Tesheiner – yes, he of the fantastic maps, which will return once Oppy starts moving again I’m sure – for giving me permission to use **his** excellent mosaic of the frames…

I love those views, they really bring the landscape to life don’t they? You can see every ripple, every little dune, every rock around Oppy. Thanks, Tesh!

Thanks also to two more UMSF members, James Sorenson and UMSF founder Doug Ellison, who have given me permission to reproduce their latest images here, too. Firstly, James coloured a whole bunch of individual frames of Oppy herself, taken as the camera looked down on her deck from high above, and then stitched them together into a mosaic…

Now, clearly there’s some distortion there, just because of the viewing angle of the camera, so Doug took James’ image and transformed it into a”polar projection” which is a fancy imaging way of saying “overhead view”… here it is, and please, click on it to see the rover in all her glory, dusty and weary, but still triumphantly alive, all these years after landing on Mars…

Just gorgeous view, thanks again to my mates from UMSF for letting me use their work here on RtE.

I’ve been making some new images too, the first this colour view of part of the range of hills on Endeavour’s farside…

…and just for fun, another fanciful, martian fantasy view… wong scientifically, in so many ways, but for these images I cast scientific accuracy aside and just go for “Ooh, that’s pretty!” ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 Responses to Different views…

  1. Buck says:

    Wow, glorious!

  2. agree with Buck……just glorious ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Matt Lenda says:


    When the Pancam folks stitch the Greeley Pan together, they’re going to have an interesting dilemma on their hands: A few of the frames capture the High Gain Antenna. This isn’t a problem in itself; however, we’ve been doing most of the Greeley Pan image captures in the “morning block,” when the HGA might be moving. This morning block of science time overlaps with the rover’s uplink windows by a few minutes. If we sequence the Pancams at just the wrong time, the HGA will appear in two different positions because it is moving and the time between frames is much higher for these high resolution images.

    I wonder how they’ll work around the images with HGA movement that we’ve captured so far — retake them? magic processing?


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