A magical martian vista…

A few more frames of the “Greeley Panorama” have come back to Earth, meaning I can extend my “Farside Hills of Endeavour” skyline panorama a little farther… click on the following image and take a few moments just scrolling side to side, taking it all in…

Seriously, that’s a stunning view, isn’t it? I can’t render that in colour yet, because one of the frames on the right hasn’t come down as a full filter set yet, but soon, hopefully.

I always find if fun to take these panoramas and stretch them vertically, which brings out the more subtle details and features on the landscape. Here’s that previous pic pulled upwards a bit… ok, a lot…!

I really love the way that stretching these panoramas brings out the bowl-like nature of Endeavour, and shows that central ‘mound’ which dominates the interior of the crater.

Something else that’s very interesting is to compare our view of Endeavour’s farsode now with how it looked back when Oppy arrived. The next link will take you to an official NASA image, a panorama of Endeavour’s farside which was taken on September 13th last year. Just look at how muggy the view is, there was a *lot* more dust in the atmosphere then than there is now, I think…


More soon!



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