Look at that… just look at that…

More images of Oppy’s horizon have come back, allowing me to really have a go at making a colour portrait of the far rim of Endeavour. Here’s what I’ve got so far… seriously, click on the next image to see the eastern hills in all their ancient, dust-covered glory…

Hopefully the next batch of images will show That Crater blasted out of the tallest of the farside mountains..!

Note: also of interest on that pic is our first good look at “The Notch” or “The Dagger” (about time THAT had a real name, too!) cut out of the northern edge of Cape York. Will Oppy roll down there to take a closer look, hoping to see and study some layering to learn about the past of this part of Mars, or will she head south after winter in search of those precious phylosillicates..? Time will tell.

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1 Response to Look at that… just look at that…

  1. GJeff says:

    Looks like a great place for the Dakar Rally. 2112. Schedule it!

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