I hope you like the view…

…because we’re going to have it for quite a while…!

Oppy is now officially “parked” for the winter, so what you see on the pictures coming back now is “it” until maybe March. There’s an absolutely fact-packed report on Oppy’s plans available to read now, over on The Planetary Society’s website, where AJS Rayl has posted her latest brilliant Rover Update. You can find it here:


Not much else to tell you today. As I suspected, “Greeley Haven” Is the sloping side of “Saddleback”, so I’ve had another go at rendering that feature in colour…

And finally for today, another “Mars Art” visualisation of the hills of Endeavour Crater. Just to remind you all, I’m not suggesting even a split second that these colours are real, this is offered purely for entertainment, in the hope that some of you like it.

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2 Responses to I hope you like the view…

  1. rwhite says:

    Great picture. thanks.

  2. vanDivX says:

    Is there such a thing as a ‘real colors’ of planets.

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