Opportunity parked at Greeley Haven

Well, it seems that Oppy has found – and is now parked up at – her “Winter Haven”, and the feature has been informally named (and these features seen by the rovers are ALWAYS just named informally; the MER team doesn’t have the authority to name anything on Mars, but I’m pretty sure the names they choose will stick – I mean, who is going to argue?) “Greeley Haven”, in honour of Ron Greeley, a highly-accomplished and hugely-respected geologist from Arizona State University who was a stalwart of NASA’s planetary exploration for the past half decade. He first worked on preparations for the Apollo missions in 1967, and went on to work on the Mars probe Mariner 6 in 1969. Since then he worked on every major Mars mission, and was also heavily involved in ESA’s “Mars Express” mission too. He will be sadly missed at NASA, and by many people around the world involved in the exploration of Mars, so this naming gesture was both lovely and appropriate.

I’m having a hard time pinning down the precise location of “Greeley Haven”, but I think it’s essentially this slope on the side of “Saddleback”…

…but I couldn’t swear to it, so I’m trying to get confirmation of that.

Oppy is now parked up for the winter, so she won’t be doing an awful lot of hard work for a while. You can read about the plans for Oppy’s winter layover here…


I’m sure she’ll be taking a LOT of pictures now tho, carrying out a detailed photographic survey of the landscape around her. I expect we’ll see a beautiful full colour 360 degree panorama at some point. In the meantime, here are a few views of a small part of the martian landscape at Oppy’s wheels. Haven’t been able to track down a name for it yet, but that’s not too important, I just think it’s beautiful to look at, don’t you..?

…and in 3D, of course…

Really quite pleased with that last one… 🙂

That’s all for now, check back for more news and pics soon!



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