All quiet on Cape York…

Again, not much to report, sorry; Oppy’s just been taking it easy up there on the summit of Cape York, doing sciency…stuff..that doesn’t produce any beautiful images for me to show you. It’ll be this way until after Christmas I think, so everyone just relax, ok? Enjoy the holiday break and look forward to Oppy revving up again in a while.

For now, just to tide you all over, a handful of images…

That’s a hideously-stretched view of the northern end of Cape York, pulled vertically to make The Dagger pop into view more clearly. Can you spot it?

And just for fun…

Finally for this time, Matt Lenda has updated his blog with the first part of an epic 8 part post all about Oppy’s approach to, and first 100 days on, Cape York. You can find Matt’s blog here:


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4 Responses to All quiet on Cape York…

  1. Matt Lenda says:

    I wonder if those tracks made smoke. Maybe not enough O2 up there to combust? :p

  2. Peter says:

    You sound like an 8 yr old..”oppy” etc…change your style before we leave.

    • phoenixpics says:

      You’ve got it all wrong, mate. If you don’t like a blog you just don’t read it, you don’t tell the writer how to write it. So no, I’m not changing anything. If you don’t like it here, feel free to leave.

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