Homestake in close-up…

Phew, a rather quieter day today; just a handful of new pictures came back, but they were goodies, and with a bit of work I was able to turn them into this…

Some intriguing and fsacinating detail on the top of Homestake there, lots of lines and grooves, giving it an almost platelike, crystaline appearance. So far there’s no word yet from the MER team as to what they think Homestake might be made of, but on the MER forums there seems to be quite a groundswell of support for the theory that it’s a vein of the mineral Magnesite. Which looks like this here on Earth…


There’s a lot of information about Magnesite – and some very interesting photos – on this geology website:

Oppy took some pics of another nearby vein yesterday, too…

More soon.

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3 Responses to Homestake in close-up…

  1. I keep waiting for someone to comment/speculate on what appears to be a perfectly round hole in Homestake’s left hand side . . . seems to be an odd erosional feature!!!

  2. Silver Fox says:

    I’m wondering why they think it might be magnesite?

    • phoenixpics says:

      Partly, I think, because of the geology, but also because it just looks the same. I think there’ll be a press conference sometime soon, when all will become clear,…

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