Homestake hysteria!!!

Well, ok, not hysteria exactly, but rover fans, science bloggers and space journalists are all going quite nuts over the light-toned “vein” of rock which Oppy has found – and is now studying – on the north-western side of Cape York. Pictures of “Homestake” are everywhere you look, usually illustrating an interview with a NASA scientist who is very excited about what the ‘vein’ might be. I’m very proud to say that my own images were featured yesterday in Homestake articles on two major web site – Alan Boyle’s “Cosmic Log” on MSNBC, and a – ahem! – major piece by “Lights In The Dark” blogger Jason Major over on Discovery – which have, so far, resulted in just short of an extra thousand visitors to “Road To Endeavour”, so HELLO! to all our new readers!

Not many new images hit the screens today, but a few new pics taken by Oppy with her Microscopic Imager did make it back, allowing me to make another portrait of Homestake…

There’s some fascinating detail visible on the top of that vein in these new pics, lots of fine lines, or grooves, and the surface looks very rough, too. Obviously Homestake has been weathered just as much as the surrounding rocks, but, being denser, it has survived better. But not unscathed, clearly.

Actually, I’m quite glad it’s a quiet day image-wise today, yesterday was a bit nuts! We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Me, I’m off out to watch the fireworks soon.

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2 Responses to Homestake hysteria!!!

  1. J. Major says:

    Glad you got all the much-deserved attention Stu! After the article I did for Discovery, Alan Boyle at MSNBC’s Cosmic Log did one and then so did Ken at Universe Today… and I’m sure a lot more too. Your great pics were the clincher!

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