Ooh, what’s that..?

New pictures from Oppy have helped us pin-down her location on the edge of Cape York a little better.  On the image below the yellow triangle represents where I thought she was after her latest drive, and the red circle represents where she really is… well, I wasn’t *too* far out…! 🙂

…and what can she see from there? This…

…which is the edge of Cape York curving away – and down – gently to the north and west, and, pilling back a little further to take in a wider-angle view, she can see this

Now, there’s something very interesting on that image… over there, to the right, the short, bright streak…

That’s an exposed vein of hard, dark material, just like the ones Oppy saw when she drove up onto and made landfall at Cape York, back in August (August!!)…

Now, I have no idea what those features are made of, but I remember that when Oppy made Landfall and she saw that bright vein it got quite a few people excited, so I’m sure the vein Oppy has spotted on the north-eastern edge of CY will be looked at over the next few days. Here’s a 3D view…

In the meantime, more images are due back later today I think, and I’m hoping they show a bit more of the view to the west, because I miss seeing those hills… 🙂

Update: a few more pics came down as I was writing the above, but they had horrible “black square of data death” data drop outs in them, and were just…yucky…! But with a bit of cropping, cleaning up and stacking, I was able to cobble together this view of what I take to be the long ‘trough’ to Oppy’s west…

…and it looks like some interesting bright rock on the other side of that trough (and look, in the background, the western hills, just as I wanted!) …

Wonder if Oppy will drive over there at some point?

More soon.

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3 Responses to Ooh, what’s that..?

  1. RJ White says:

    I was looking at an astroomy book from the 50s and then today at the images from Endeavor and smiling at how much we’ve learned about our solar system over those years. Thanks for “publishing” the pictures. Our lives are richer for them.

    Regards: Rob White

  2. RJ White says:

    I’m not sure what an astroomy book is, maybe astronomy might read better. Sorry. Though maybe astroomy might be a whole new study. Hmmm!
    RJ White

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