Oppy making tracks…

Just a handful of new pics today, but four were just crying-out to be stitched together into a panoramic mosaic, showing Oppy’s progress up Cape York, so here you go…

Now, if ever there was a panorama that screamed out to be stretched vertically, that is it, so let’s give that a go…

Love that! Look how craggy and other-worldly the hills of Endeavour look! If only the real Mars was that mountainous, eh? Well, it is in places, just not here. One day astronauts will see the true Mountains of Mars and marvel at their magnificence, and while we might feel jealous of them, they’ll probably be jealous of us for being alive at the time when the legendary Mars Exploration Rovers were rolling across Mars… 🙂

In the meantime, something caught my eye on the far horizon, back out across Meridiani… what’s that little humpy-bump…?

If you look at a stretched version of that skyline, it really stands out…

I haven’t worked out the angle yet, but that might be one of the many craters Oppy passed as she drove towards Cape York. But which one? I’ll have to work on that…

More soon.

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