Oppy pushes north…

Another sol, another drive north for Oppy! She’s now skirting around the summit – if you can call it that! – of Cape York, and can see the Meridiani Plain to the north of the Cape, but her view of the furthest north parts of Cape York, and down into Endeavour Crater itself, are now obscured by the gentle rise of the summit itself. But again, that doesn’t matter; what matters is that she finds a safe haven for the winter. Scenery and glorious views can wait… for now 😉

So, here’s where our gal was at the end of her latest drive…

…and here’s her view…

…and a wider angle view…


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1 Response to Oppy pushes north…

  1. Thomas Bock says:

    ….the depression just behind the upper “rim” of CY (in the very right of the upper picture) …could this already be a part of Antares Crater???

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