Oppy’s Tour of Cape York continues…

It’s pretty clear now that Oppy is carrying out a recce of Cape York in advance of parking-up for the winter, driving past potential science targets – some of which which she will probably return to later – in favour of finding a nice, rover-friendly, low Sun-soaked northern slope or ridge which will allow her to get through the imminent martian cold season. Hopefully they’ll find somewhere with a nice panoramic view of Cape York’s summit and the eastern hills on the far horizon, so we won’t get too bored by the view while she rests and recharges her batteries, ready to take on the scientific quest again when Spring breaks over this part of the Red Planet.

Here’s Oppy’s Lewis and Clark-like route up the spine of Cape York…

There are quite a few pancam and navcam images coming back as Oppy heads north, but to be honest they’re all a bit drab and featureless, so until a more striking view takes shape I’ll show you a couple of new colour views I’ve made, one showing part of the “Sheba” outcrop I showed you in a previous post, the other a view out across Endeavour to the eastern hills on the opposite side of the great crater. Enjoy…!

And finally for this time, a colour view of the ground at Oppy’s feet…wheels…whatever…

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